Parking– Dear parishioners, it came to my attention that sometimes people are not properly parking their cars. This includes parking in the dashed line area, parking over the center line, and others. In order to efficiently use our parking lot, you have to make sure you park exactly in between the lateral lines and not park over the center line. Additionally, the parking lot is designed for cars to pull in only up to the center line and pull out in reverse. Pulling up forward into a spot (so as not to have to back up when leaving) increases the risk of and accident since the angle of the lines makes it difficult for the driver to turn out of the parking spot when leaving. Thank you for your understanding. 

BLESSING of HOMES– According to the church’s old religious tradition, after the feast of the Theophany, parishioners invite the priest to visit and bless their homes with Holy Water to receive the blessing for the upcoming year. Those of you, who would like to celebrate the blessing of your home/apartment please call the parish office (315) 252-5573 and let me know. If I am not available, please leave a message and I will call you back to establish the day and time for the blessing of your house.

Church You Tube account– Dear parishioners, please take a look at and subscribe to church’s Youtube account under the name “St. Peter & Paul UCC” or find the Youtube link on our Facebook page.  You can watch our recent Christmas concert on your Smart Phone, Computer of Smart TV. Invite your friends and family to subscribe as well. Also, please share the videos you like so that they can reach a larger audience. Thank you! 

2019 Contribution Statement: – Dear parishioners, most of you generously support our church throughout the year, but there are also a number of people who send the end of year donation, usually around Christmas time as a special gift for the church. On behalf of our church community I want to thank you for your continued support! At the same time I am asking those who have financial means but are not coming to church regularly to support the church in her noble causes at any time throughout the year. All donations that were received before December 31, 2019 will be included in your contribution statement. If you need this statement for your tax purposes or other purposes, please fill out the form which you can find in the entrance of the church, or call the parish office phone at (315) 252-5573. Thank you & God bless you for your generous heart and love for our church.

CHURCH ENVELOPES FOR 2020are available in the church basement. If you do not receive your envelopes or if you have never used them before, please call the parish office at (315)-252 5573 and they will be provided for you. If your address is incorrect on the envelope box please inform the parish office. 

2020CHURCH CALENDARS: You can pick up your church calendars for the 2020 Liturgical Year. The calendars are available in the church basement, as well as in the back of the church. Please take 1 Calendar per Family.   

136 Washington St. Auburn, NY 13021 (315)252-5573