►Gratitude: 2018 Ukrainian-American Heritage Festival: GRATITUDE: Dear members of the Festival Team and volunteers, I want to sincerely thank you for all hard work related to the organization and running of our Festival. I want to thank all of you who worked in setting up the Festival grounds, those who worked in preparing holubtsi, the Pyrohy workers at the UNC, those who baked bread for the Festival, those who worked at the grills, the people who helped with the games and other activities, those who took care of the themed baskets raffle and those who donated themed baskets, the people who donated baked goods, those who worked at the bar, those who worked to prepare the Festival grounds for the Festival, those who helped with the advertisement, those who took care of the festival signs, and all other parishioners or non parishioners who may have contributed in one way or another to make our Festival a successful event. May God abundantly bless you all!
*The NET INCOME generated at the Festival will be published in the next church bulletin.
►Gratitude: Thank you to Mark Wainwright for voluntarily repairing the side church steps before the Festival. May God bless him for his good and generous work.
►Follow-up Festival Meeting: I invite all who helped with the planning of our Heritage Festival as well as other volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to work before and during the Festival, to come for a meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 6:30PM. The meeting will take place in the Parish Hall (School Building). The reason for this meeting is to share ideas and talk about the things we need to improve for the 2019 Summer Festival.
►Festival Grounds Cleaning: Dear parishioners, we need about 10 people to come and help clean the Festival grounds. We need to make sure all the appliances and the kitchen itself is kept cleaned for future events. The cleaning will take place on Saturday, June 23d at 9:00AM. Thank you in advance for your help!
►Divine Liturgy for children: Dear parents and catechists, our next Divine Liturgy for children will be celebrated on Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 4:00PM. I strongly urge you to attend this Liturgy with your whole family. The Church wants to help children to know how much God loves them and how special they are. Invite your friends to join you!
►BISHOP’S APPEAL 2018 – Dear parishioners, annually during the month of May we start to support a special Eparchial fundraising called the Charities Appeal {or Bishop’s Appeal}. Our parish’s goal for this year is to collect $ 5,800 to support the Stamford Eparchy in its charitable actions. Through your generosity we were always successfully to support our Stamford Eparchy. A special form for the Bishop’s Appeal will be included in the Summer Festival envelope and mailed to all parishioners. Thank you for your support!
►Catechesis/Church & Vacation: The new Catechetical Year will begin in September. During the months of June, July and August there will be no catechetical classes. Those of you who are involved in sports or have other plans, please make sure you attend church first. For this reason we have a Divine Liturgy on Saturday at 4:00PM for those who for serious reason are unable to come to church on Sunday. And also we have two Liturgies Sunday mornings at 8:00AM in English and 9:30AM in Ukrainian for all who prioritize to celebrate the Lord’s Day. It is extremely important that parents set an example for their children and show them that there is no vacation from God. If you are on vacation outside Auburn, please visit a Catholic church for a Sunday Liturgy.
I want also to remind parents that I invite children to attend the 4:00PM Divine Liturgy every first Saturday of each month. During this Liturgy I offer a short reflection on the Gospel specifically for the children. May God bless our parish community and may we hopefully see growth in our church attendance.
►Molebens: During the month of May, Moleben Services to the Mother of God were celebrated every Friday evening. We prayed to the Blessed Virgin invoking her maternal and heavenly protection for all of us! Now, during the month of June Moleben services to Jesus Christ are celebrated on Fridays at 7PM. I urge our parish community to make an effort to attend these special services.

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