►CHURCH ENVELOPES FOR 2018: are available in the church basement. If you have not received your envelopes or if you have never used them before and would like to, please call the parish office at (315) 252-5573 and we will provide them for you. If your address in incorrect on the envelope box, please inform the parish office to correct it.

►2018 LITURGICAL CHURCH CALENDARS: are available in the church basement and in the back of the church.

►DIVINE LITURGIES FOR 2018: you may request Divine Liturgies by mailing your request to the parish office or placing your request in the Sunday Collection. Please include the requested date and names.
Divine Liturgies are offered for various intentions, the repose of the souls of the deceased as well as other occasions, such as thanksgiving for blessings received, prayers for health, for blessing on the occasion of a birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

►SANCTUARY LAMP: you may request the Sanctuary Lamp to light for a one week period by mailing your request to the parish office or placing it in the Sunday Collection. Donation for the Sanctuary Lamp is $10.00, please indicate whose memory you wish the candle be lighted for.

►BJ’S MEMBERSHIP: for the parishioners who have their BJ’s membership through
Ss. Peter & Paul Church, the 2018 fee for group membership is $30.00. If you would like to continue or join the church group membership for BJ’s, please make your payment to Ss. Peter & Paul Church (check or cash) before January 10, 2018.

136 Washington St. Auburn, NY 13021 (315)252-5573